Mental Health and Wellness

All too often mental health care and wellness are not addressed until crisis has occurred. Yes,  crisis intervention programs are essential to the health of any community but it is time that we work together to address the root causes and prevent unnecessary tragedy. 

Since 2014 the City of Ferguson has addressed more broken buildings than broken families. As your Ward 3 Councilwoman I will lead the city in creating partnerships with local organizations who prioritize availability, opportunity, and trauma-informed care for each and every Ferguson resident.

Community Policing Practices

After the loss of my son, Mike Brown, I encountered a lack of empathy, care, and respect from officials and public servants whose job it is to serve people like myself and my family. I experienced first-hand the effects of Public Policy on real people and understand the stakes of getting it right.

A department’s ability to adequately protect and serve all comes down to the relationships built and nourished within the community. We have the opportunity to create a fair, effective, and just model of policing which starts here, with Ward 3.

I am devoted to the promise of accountability from all civic servants and government officials and with the leverage as your Ward 3 Councilwoman I will demand nothing less. Let’s work together to actualize a shared vision and advance to further reforms like residency requirements, whistleblower protections and  Social Services partnerships.

Economic Equality

The residents of the Third Ward, and all of Ferguson, deserve to see their hard-earned tax dollars put towards work that they can actually see and experience themselves. I will provide avenues for collaboration between the City and small businesses to collectively support each other, rebuild, and move forward. 

With my leadership we will push the city of Ferguson to bring resources and support systems back to the Southeast corridor and restore the historical value of Ferguson from the bottom up. With your support Ferguson we will make sure Ferguson prospers to it’s full potential. As your Ward 3 Councilwoman, I promise to ask the uncomfortable questions, provide necessary transparency, and focus on proven practice in drafting economic policy.